I'm Chris. I'm Happy.

I build electric twangers and such and would love to build one for you.

My story is simple.  I was raised in the forests of Saskatchewan by a team of crazy woodworkers.  Though they were hard on me and gave me a stern but loving childhood, they also taught me all of their many secrets.

One day, I heard the most glorious sound of the electric guitar coming from an unknown place (looking back, I think it was a radio).  I immediately packed my flannel and headed for the big city of Calgary to become a rock star.

When that didn't work, I got into sign building and liked it so much I did it for close to 20 whole years!!!  All the while, learning to play all the guitars I could get my grubby little hands on. 

But alas, none of them contained the magic of that first time that I heard the sweet sound.  So I built my own.  And then another one.

And another.

And so on.

Which brings us to the present day. I have built so many guitars, basses and ukuleles I need to start getting rid of some because I cant stop building, building, building looking for that perfect sound.  Good news for you is my guitars just keep getting better and better!

Bottom line is that music isn't just my life, it's my soul and my passion.  Wouldn't you want someone like that building you your guitar?  I would, give me a shout and lets get started.  I wanna make you your dream guitar.  Or bass.  Or uke.  Or whatever, as long as it's got strings and makes a ton of noise.