Here are some of my costs on basic repairs and such. Please keep in mind that I do these repairs in my spare time….this enables me to charge a bit less as sometimes it can take a bit longer for me to get to it. That being said, I will accommodate RUSH jobs and emergencies if I am able to.

Bench fee is $65.00 per hour and most labour is based on this.

Restring - $10.00

New Nut - $35 pre-made, $85.00 custom

Basic Set Up - $65.00 (Includes Inspection, Intonation, Action Adjustment, Cleaning, Re-Stringing, Truss Rod Adjustment, Pick Up Balance/Test and Play Test).

Fret Re-Dress - $125.00

Re-Fret - Starting at $300.00 (contact me with details for a custom quote)

The above prices are pretty basic and pertain to guitars both electric and acoustic. If you have a more specific repair or need something done with another type of stringed instrument, please contact me for a custom quote:)